How to create a quadruped object with gameobjects

I am using ml-agents and would like to make a quadruped that learns to walk on its own. It should look like this:

But when I rotate the pelvis of the object, which I called "right", the gameobject is distorted.

I tried to replace the hierarchy of the objects with fixedjoint but it is not possible to rotate the objects, and I tried with hingejoint but when I rotate the object "right" or "left" the legs do not move in the same way.

I'm doing this right now,, the reason that your objects get distorted is because they are the child of an object with a scale that is not 1 to 1 to 1. ,, In order to rotate the child game objects without distortion, you have to put them into another game object that is scaled evenly (1,1,1 for example). So,, there should be no children of the leg or hip itself, the child should be inside of a child of the parent of the leg,, and there should be a chain of objects that are 1,1,1 all the way up.