How to create a scriptable object with default scriptable objects?

Let´s say I have some pre-generated Scriptable objects: SO1, SO2, SO3

How can I create a new Scriptable Object so that it has always included SO1, SO2 and SO3, without me dragging them in the inspector every time?

something like:

public class NewContainer : ScriptableObject {

int newVariable1;

int newVariableN;



Thanks in advance!

After creating a scriptable object class, click on the script itself (not an asset). In the script file’s inspector you can drag in default values. These will be added to any assets that you create of this script.

This worked for me in v2019.1

Assuming SO1, SO2, SO3 are classes.

Add a constructor to each of them E.G

public class SO1 : MonoBehaviour{
     public SO1(){}

Then, in your new container you can just make them as variables or load them in your newcontainer constructor like

Public SO1 so1 = new SO1();

Or maybe you are looking for this Unity - Scripting API: EditorGUI.BeginDisabledGroup