How to create a sequences of pressure plates

To keep things simple, in my game level I’m going to have 5 by 5 pressure plates on the floor.

There will be 5 pressure plates (A,B,C,D,E) That need to be pressed in order to move on.

I want to make the player press them in a certain order to then be teleported to the next scene.

For example I want the pressure plates to be pressed in B,A,D,E,C order but for the rest of the pressure plates I would like them to reset the whole sequecenes (Restart the pressure plates). What is the simplest way to do this? And this is also in a 3 Dimensional plan.

Can anyone help me write the correct scripting.

Thanks in advance

What you need to do is make the touch pads use colliders/triggers you then check each time the player collides with the trigger if it’s the right one from an array, if it is you move onto the next item in the array and if not move back to the first item.

The if statement should ignore the any platforms already touch in the correct order, you could use a bool to say if it’s been successfully triggered.