How to create a spherical navigation?

I want to create a spherical navigation, but there is a problem. I use nav mesh from unity and when I bake it on the sphere, the range of the grid reaches only 60 degrees of the sphere. It’s the maximum for nav mesh. I tried to cut my sphere into smaller parts, but in this case mesh covered 2/3 of the sphere. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

You’ll not get a straight forward answer to this, as you’ve experienced, Unity NavMesh doesn’t support non-euclidean surfaces. My approach to this is to create a plane map for the spherical world using one of the methods of map projections then use NavMesh to pre-calculate the paths I want on that plane shaped environment (the map), then project the path’s points back to the sphere.

Note : I never tried this before and I don’t know how successfully this is going work out.