How to create a story-type system for unity?

Hey Unity users, I have quite a weird question. I’ve seen games around that have kind of like a story system, say you spawn in to a world. And your first objective is to get up from your bed and find the sink. And once you have found the sink, you must now find the toothbrush. And after picking up the toothbrush, an animation action will start. And after that, another objective pops up, blah blah blah. How can I replicate that type of logic?

I’ve already tried:

  • Creating many scripts that will activate eachother whenever all the code in them is finished executing, with the help of many coroutines and invoke methods.

  • Using boolean values to check if each action has been done before moving on

  • Using Event Systems, which are not what they sound like. I thought they’d be perfect for this problem that im stuck on.

how can i achieve a nice, reusable action system tracker without making a million different scripts and references to reach my desired game logic?

Brackeys has a Quest System tutorial that you might find interesting.

Other reource might be an asset from the Asset Store like Custom Quest by Random Dragon [free] that you could use right away or reverse-engineer to see how it works.

Unity Learn also has a guide on making a Point and click game that implemented a system like the one you’re describing.

Happy coding.