How to create a tension meter to show the tension applied to a rope

What i am trying to do is create a tension meter for a fishing game that i am working on. the purpose of it is to show the state of the fishing line (how close it is to breaking) when reeling in a fish.

the current way i am doing it, is that i have a configurable joint attached from the fishing line to a hook, and when the fish pulls too hard the joint breaks. All that works fine, but i have no way of displaying to the player how close it is to breaking

the way i am currently trying to do this is to have a slider with a min/max values of 0 and the joints break force respectively, then every frame set the sliders value to the current force applied onto the joint. however i have no way to find the force

I have looked online for tutorials and everything i find says that there is no way to find the current force applied onto a joint. what i’m asking is for some kind of work around, or formula to calculate the force myself. or if there is even an entirely different way of doing it

Maybe that’il help: