How to create a theatre-like scene?

Hi! I am new to the Unity community!
I want to create a theatre-like scene, and I am currently building the 3D scene in Maya.
I wish to import it to Unity and create an interactive scene where people can walk around.
The scene contains 4 panels playing different movies with sound, continuously looping.

A, Can I create something like this? And if so, what do I need to do? (a step by step process would be great, or references)

a1, How do I import my 3D scene to Unity and create an environment where the ‘player’ can move around?

a2, How do I stream and loop movies and audios in the scene? (movie textures?)

a3, The movies are playing in different rooms. Can I have audio assign to each room? and it is prefer that the sound don’t leak to another room.How do I do that?

B, Is there anything I should build before importing the 3D scene from maya? (eg. the planes which the movies play on)

C, Anything that you may think that is necessary or helpful to do to build this kind of project?

I know I am a total noob! Sorry! :frowning: I am new to Unity and these kind of projects.
Thanks for your help and patient!!

a1. Export as FBX

a2. Use MovieTextures

a3. Set the appropriate AudioSource settings

B. You can build your scene in any order you want. Make sure you set and use the same scale throughout.

C. Yes, follow some Unity tutorials by clicking the Learn tab at the top of this page. Ask specific questions here when you get stuck.