How to Create AI Model NPCs using Sentis

I would like to create a AI model NPC’s for my projects. Where I can find ONNX AI Model for NPC, how to these ONNX AI Models to implement the NPC’s. They should be able to display some text or dialogue. We don’t have any samples in package. Please share more details.

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Hey @PranayMega which part are you looking to do with a AI model?

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I am looking to implement NPC’s using AI Models with Sentis Package.

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I would suggest you to be more specific to which part of a NPC you are trying to solve with Sentis in particular?
Dialogue generation? Dialogue system? Text to Speech? Speech to Text?

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I need basic implementation of NPC. Not it’s features. Can we implement a NPC with AI Model using Sentis. Yes, we have to implement some features as well. I didn’t understand anything from the Sentis Samples. We don’t have any Info or features Implementations on Sentis.

Hey, we currently do not have a sample with NPCs. Although I’m pretty sure you can create AI NPCs and find samples for it with the ML-Agents package. But If you have any ideas on which NPC features/behaviors you would like to see being implemented with Sentis, let me know, and I will create a task for it.


I’m also looking for something similar.
I’ve looked both into the documentation:
Here and on GitHub samples, I’ve also added a message there.

Would it be possible to create a sample with a simple NPC in a dynamic world that would get an original context, after which it will get floats/ints as his stats and strings for context triggers for context change?
After that, could you add voice recognition and a text-to-speech model?


I hope the future of NPCs is custom small models running as Muse Behaviour nodes… imagine describing stuff in plain language (“the enemy hides until the player is close enough then they attack”) and letting a language model bust out some prototypes using Sentis, train them up using ml-agents, and chain them together in Behaviour.

Or imagine sitting on a pile of your own custom behaviour models, hosted in Unity Cloud, that other developers call into for their own games :grin: which you get a commision of

Future is bright :sunglasses: can’t believe more people aren’t active in these forums


This is known internally as Task 256