How to create an animated GUI?

Hello I want to create an animated GUI in unity.

How can I do this. Is it possible to use a GIF file for the GUI Texture?

Or Is there some other "tricks"?

Thank you

If you want to play an animation in your GUI, you can use a Movie Texture:

EDIT: Just in case you only wanted to know how simple movement animations are done: If you just want to move things around, move them like every other object in your game, by animating the position coordinates.

Yeah... You can do that... Or buy EZ GUI and Sprite Manager 2... I understand if you don't have 100 dollars... But if you do, you really should buy this! It includes so many features and is still getting updated! Besides that, the program includes free support (for a while), video tutorials and lots of free updates! Try making an animated menu with anything else and and you'll see why this program is THE BEST!!!

I think you can manage without having to buy any paid addons, the tweening engine LeanTween (free) has some good animating options for GUI elements.

This is article gives some examples of animating GUI Elements with the engine.

You could also try a script like the following, which makes use of Mono’s System.Drawing library: