How to create an array of directory names

I am building an Editor tool that will allow me to customize characters materials and blendshapes and then save them as prefabs.

I am saving all the materials and textures in separate folders by character name within the resources folder. Example:

D:/Unity Projects/Genesis8/Assets/Resources/Models/thecharactername

In the editor I will call a method that will populate an array with all the character names from the directory. A drop down list then can be made to select and apply settings to the basic character to make it the selected character.

Is it Path.GetDirectoryName? How would I get it to return only the character names from the individual folders into an array? Wildcards? Assistance is very much appreciated.

Got it to work:

public void GetCharacters()
    string[] characters = Directory.GetDirectories(Application.dataPath + "/Resources/Models");
    characterNames = new string[characters.Length]; 

    for (int i = 0; i < characters.Length; i++)
        characterNames _= Path.GetFileName(characters*);*_