How to create an array of Transforms

I have a game object at each corner of my plane. I have an AI script that will send enemy game objects to my player object. When a collision happens I have the enemy stop and then temporarily go towards a corner. But I want the enemy to randomly go to 1 of the four corners.

I know I need to do this by hold the corner game objects in an array and then referencing the transform of one of those objects. However I am very rusty with arrays. Can you give me an example of how I can create an array of gameobject transforms and how I can reference them?

var corner1 : Transform;
var corner2 : Transform;
var corner3 : Transform;
var corner4 : Transform;
var cornerOne : GameObject;
var cornerTwo : GameObject;
var cornerThree : GameObject;
var cornerFour : GameObject;

var targetTrans : Transform;

function Start()
cornerOne= GameObject.FindWithTag ("corner1");
cornerTwo= GameObject.FindWithTag ("corner2");
cornerThree= GameObject.FindWithTag ("corner3");
cornerFour= GameObject.FindWithTag ("corner4");
corner1 = cornerOne.transform;
corner2 = cornerTwo.transform;
corner3 = cornerThree.transform;
corner4 = cornerFour.transform;

function Update () 
 targetTrans = this.transform;


The wonders that a google search can do for you!!

Your welcome!