How to create an explosive force with Unity2D

I know that you can use rigidbody.AddExplosiveForce when doing unity3D.

But how would you add an explosive force to Unity2D?

I need the explosive motion and the explosive rotation to be effected.


I think what you’ll need to do is to use Rigidbody2D.AddForce() and pass ForceMode2D.Impulse as the second parameter. To add rotation, you’ll need to either use AddForceAtPosition and offset the force a bit, or make a second call to Rigidbody2D.AddTorque.

Could you share the code?

See here: - Need rigidbody2d.AddExplosionForce

I have used free asset on the asset store : 2D Explosion Force | Physics | Unity Asset Store

and then i found this paid asset : Physics 2D Toolkit: Explosion | Physics | Unity Asset Store

I’ve also researched on google and the best solution for me was the paid asset.
Free one works, but it’s basic and simple.
Paid one is well… paid. It has great features and comes with ready to use explosions.