how to create an extendable boxing glove on a spring?

Hi, Ive been at this all day and it won’t behave in the right way… i have a 2d game, and duplicates of a short metal joint, which I have criss crossed over and attached with hinge joints, to a kinematic base unit off the game screen, with a boxing glove sprite at the other end, I have managed to get the spring to behave properly in terms of it bouncing around gently and reacting to any bumps etc, but i need it to extend out, and then stop at a certain distance… any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I’m running out of ideas… :slight_smile:

qhat i would do is animate it all, then i suppose you could add randomness to it though different animation points. however i dont know what game your making

soo another way you could do it is just lock its position for a brief time at the point you want so when its so far out lock positions and then enable again or beter still make it kinematc instead quickly.

silly mistake, i ended up using the limits on the hinge joints and increasing each max to 90 degrees, then adding springs through the middle.