how to create an IOS with a Windows machine.

I already have a game that I can deploy as an Android(APK), I wanna know how you do about making it for an IOS, I think just changing the platform from Android to IOS is just too easy and probably more complicated than that, but I do prefer the easy way. And i see a lot of tutorials that you need to use a virtual mac, and xcodes and install another unity for mac. ZZZZZZZ i hate complicated stuff and downloading and installing is very tiresome. But if there is really no other way then could you tell me the right way to do about my predicament?

Some question has asked on other sites.GO to link ios - How can I develop for iPhone using a Windows development machine? - Stack Overflow

Buy a mac

To build to iOS, you need XCode, which is only available on mac. To get around this for windows you will need to get a virtual machine or get the hardware. When you build to iOS in Unity it creates an XCode project file. This effectively means you are building the project twice for iOS. Be aware that even if it builds in Unity successfully, it doesn’t guarantee that it will build in XCode and may require additional tweaking. If complexity isn’t your thing, I’d suggest sticking with Android for the time being.