How to create an UI app that creates and modifies character sheets

I want to develop and UI app for my Roleplaying game with my friends and i dont know how to do some coding. The idea is simple, the screen has a list of the character sheets if i click one of them i can read the stats and powers. If i click on a “+” button a character deafult sheet adds to the list wich i can change its values, delete them and more. Thats my first problem. Should i use prefabs with code to show on the screen?

The other problem is that i would like to use this outside unity, so i dont know how i can keep the character sheets saved on the app so i dont have to remake them again.

Thanks for the help and suggestions!

One thing that it is sure, is that you gonna need a prefab for each of the UI element of your “sheet”.

My general guidance would be:

  1. Create a GridLayout Group (Grid Layout Group | Unity UI | 1.0.0)
  2. Create a Prefab for the element you want to show.
  3. Create a button to add the element in the GridLayout Group

Here a little non function example of what it could look like

For your question about serialization, you should look for tutorial. Here is one from Brackeys: SAVE & LOAD SYSTEM in Unity - YouTube