How to create cut scenes dynamics in Unity?

Well, I started using Unity recently wanted to know how to create cutscenes and cutscenes also create dynamic, example:

An airplane is falling and you have to press a button that appears on the screen to keep it in the air if you press the wrong button, the plane will fall but will show the plane flying ...

I also wanted to know if the cutscene is done on modeling program or on the Unity and how make the two types.

Hi, you must work your elements on the 3d modeling program and then put your pieces on the scene you want to work, make some scripting stuff to make the sequence and presto! the cut scene it's ready for you game, you can use dynamics on your cut scene because they are still part of the game (if you are not using video as you cut scene).

You can do this in many ways:

  • The game is running and the player needs to press the button;
  • He pressed the wrong button;

You can use these options:

  • Call another scene using the Application.LoadLevel function to play a streamed movie;
  • Make the animations in a 3D software and use in Unity;
  • Use Unity to make these animations.


Links to the docs:

You can animate the camera and the objects in your modelling program and then import to Unity. Make various animations, one for when the player press the correct button, another to the icorrect button, one from the start where it's not interactive and etc. Hope i was helpful.

Try using iTween. It made my cutscenes really easy, as you can easily move objects from A to B, and it also has a path editor, and can fade camera in/out.