How to create cutscene to be started in the middle of game?

I have created my animations inside of unity and dont have problem with them,
I have two animators, one for my character and one for the parent of alllll game objects(for animating cutscenes) and I also completed the animator for character well to idle,walk or run. But I cant complete animator for that cutscene object, because an animator changes the animations and jump from an animation to another animation, but I want my cutscene animator to have an empty state, an state with no animation to be the NoneState, this state must be played when there is no cutscene at the moment, so that, if (ingame) there is no cutscene and the player is free to walk, the cutscene animator plays the NoneState, (i mean no animation for that sort of time),…
If it goes allright, I have another problem:-( while a cutscene is playing, we absolutely dont want the character animator to be played. Is there anyway to remove the character animator while the cutscene is playing? And if there IS anyway to remove it and then unremove ( I dunno what is the word to say opposite of remove ;-)) it , will the character animator play as well as before,? Or there will be some bugs on the animator of character?

If there is bugs, it means I shouldn’t remove it while playing cutscenes, so WHAT THE HELL should I do to stop the character animator while playing a cutscene? :-
Shall I create an state named NoneState with no animation on it in the character animator and make it play while a cutscene is playing?
OMG Im confused :-[ please answer these questions I asked …
Here is a shortage of my Question:

  • If we create an empty state with no animations , will it work without bugs?
  • If i remove an animator in an animation, and unremove(i mean opposite of remove ) it after animation, will the revived animator work without bugs?

You can remove the animator by simply get component<animator>(). Enabled =falsethen enable it back again when you want