How to create effect radius of weapon?

2D game.

I have map (NxN of sprites) and on its right I have some NGUI elements (weapons selection and etc.).When I choose and drag some weapon I need to show around it the effect radius of weapon.

What is the best way to do it?

3 ways (all of them are almost the same):

Draw 2D Texture

You can track the position of your weapon, and convert the Vector3 into screen position. Use the screen position to draw a texture on screen

Texture Plane

Track the position of the weapon, use a textured plane to follow the position. At the same time, use LookAt() on the camera to make sure the texture plane is not distorted. This is like a texture billboard.

Transparent Sphere

Use a semi-transparent material on the sphere, track the position of the weapon.

For all these methods, you can destroy the display object/script when you are done. But you can disabled them as well, perhaps later you would like to show the radius of a weapon when you selected it.