how to create LOD frames for anims? (optimization for rendering multiple units animating on screen)

so i was watching this video:

and at the 0:59 mark (abouts)

you see the giants in the distance look like they're spasming with crappy skipped framerate animations (slideshow), which helps some with performance in my experience, as only a certain number of entities on screen are rendering all frames of their animation at maximum framerate at any given time.

now, my question, how do we do this in unity? is there someway to apply a delta time value to all animated skinned meshes or any objects with animator component? and simply check to see if the object is being rendered by camera first, etc?

Looking for Lod for Animator/Animation, too.

The simplest way, I think is deactive animator, and update them manually. The Update Interval should calculated by distance/importance/number of units in scene.

But I think Unity should provide "Lod Of Animator" function, instand of devs add tons of Monobehaviors for the units.

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I am working on an asset to do this, watch the thread linked to get updates when it is live:

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Has anyone tried to do it as written in the chapter "Animation LODs"? It's not written in detail: