How to create log by PlayerPrefs?

I have dice roller app. When dice is stoped i detect the value like this:

IEnumerator Counter(){
		yield return new WaitForSeconds (0.1f);
		if (speed > 0) {
			check = true;
			gui.fontSize = -50000;
		} else {
			gui.fontSize = 30;
		if (speed == 0) {	

			float maxY = 0f;
			Transform upFace = null;

			foreach (Transform face in faces) {
				if (face.position.y > maxY) {
					maxY = face.position.y;
					upFace = face;

			if (check == true) {
				//Debug.Log (;
				result =;
				gui.text = "You are rolled: " + result;
				PlayerPrefs.SetString ("DiceResult",Time.time +" You rolled " +result);
				consoleResult = PlayerPrefs.GetString ("DiceResult");
				Debug.Log (consoleResult);
				check = false;
				yield return new WaitForSeconds (1f);




But now it`s not a log. I just overwrite the value after each roll.
I want create a log. After each roll the value must been save in PlayerPrefs and if you want you can see all of your result.

Question 1: How create log by PlayerPrefs?

Question 2: How output the values? ( Many empty GUI.Text components?)

PlayerPrefs work like a Dictionary<String,String>(can hold int and float but they can be converted to string), for this reason if you don’t want overwrite a value you need use a diferent key, but PlayerPrefs is used to hold simple data, to save complex data you need use serialization.

Create a Unity UI Text element inside a Scroll View. (Watch Unity’s UI Tutorials if you don’t know how to do this.)

Each time you roll, add the result to the Text element’s text variable:

public UnityEngine.UI.Text rollsText; // ASSIGN IN INSPECTOR.

IEnumerator Counter() {
    if (check == true) {
        rollsText.text += "

You rolled " + result;
yield return new WaitForSeconds(1f);