How to Create Multidimensional Array in Javascript?

I realise this question has been asked before, but I was unable to find any answer relating to the latest version of Unity except these two, which offer two different solutions, and I’m not sure which is correct:

So, using Unity 4.x, how would I create a multidimensional (specifically, 3D) array of classes?

As a bonus question, is it possible to create this 3D array as a dynamic array of some sort, so I can change the size dynamically?

EDIT: If I use the following code to create the array, how then would I set the size or add new elements?

var bricks:int[,,];

The correct way to create a multiarray on JS is like this:

var multiArray:int[,,];

or if you have to define the length of the multiArray when scripts starts you can use:

private var multiArray:int[,,] = new int[10,10,10];

when says new int[10,10,10] means that you can put 10 3d integers, 10 like this 56,3,22.