How to create NEW animations for character?

Hi Guys,

I am still a new asset developer, normal make props and environmental assets but I want to create a character as well. I will have to create new animations but I cant seem to find the right tutorials. Everything is about applying already created animations in unity and I don’t want to do it the wrong or legacy way of doing animation.

I would like to make sure the animations are compatible with mecanim. To be clear, I don’t want reference to the mecanim animation tutorial that shows how to use existing animations. I want to for example create an animation for milking a cow, how does one go about it? Do I create the animations frame by frame in MAYA then import into unity. Or do I create them frame by frame in unity like how you would do it for opening a door or have a fan spinning?

Any links to tutorials and videos would be very welcome.

You can animations Keith 3d software such as maya or blender. In both programs you can set keu frames for animation. Keep in mind that this will be tough to learn.