how to create Objectives

Hi im following the tutorial by tornado twins and i wanna make a mission so that when my worm kills 10 turrets itll bring him to a new scene where they can go to the next level. need a java script for the mission plz help

Hey ok I know how to solve that.

Well first create a tag for every turret. (for example "Turret1-Turret10")

function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider) {

if other.compareTag (""Turret1) //Use the same code for your 9 normal turrets,it will destroy them.

Destroy (gameObject);

 if (other.CompareTag ("Turret10")) {   //For the last one justchange the reaction

      Application.LoadLevel("Your level");          



I hope it helps, Good Luck. Finish the script and add it to the worm.