how to create server using photon network?

I am creating a multiplayer game using Photon Cloud (Photon Unity Network).i don,t know how to create server and how to data store no server and how to see the storage file on server.please help me…


do you still want to use the Cloud or do you want to host the server on your own? If you still want to use the Cloud and want to persist player or game data you can use Webhooks. To see how they are working I recommend you reading through this documentation page. To get the idea how things are working in general taking a look at the included demos might be a good entry point, too. There is also a Basic Tutorial introducing PUN you can take a look at.

If you however want to host the server yourself and extend it with custom logic, you have two possibilities: first would be to implement and add a Plugin which injects custom logic in its core application. Therefore you can read through this guide. If you are more experienced and want to create the whole server application on your own, you can do this, too. Therefore I recommend you reading the An App From Scratch documentation page.

thank you so much @ChristianSimon .