How to create stadium lawn / grass ?

I’m working on a sports game inside a stadium.
What is the usual way to go about creating a short cut lawn like this:

FIFA 2016

I worked out three possibilities so far:

  1. Painting with the built-in Terrain. I couldn’t get this to look good. If this is suitable how to achieve a reasonable look?

  2. Using a material with normal, ambient occlusion and displacement maps. I did not find any texture packs with said maps aside from normals. [Sadly, Blender which I use for modelling can’t bake those maps using it’s particle system which is used for grass because the particles are no meshes.]

  3. Shader shenanigans. I have no idea how to do that as I’m no pro in coding shaders. Pointing me into the right direction would help a great deal.

Any help is greatly appreciated as my grass looks really flat with a simple texture.

The best direction would be to use shaders. It’d look the best. However, you need to think of a few things here.

In the screenshot of Fifa, it shows the most ideal view of the grass. I don’t know if this is actual gameplay, or a photoshopped enhancement picture of some gameplay.

How often are you truly going to be looking at the grass? Do you really need that much detail?

You can use billboards as grass, and just…make a lot of it so it’s very fine.

Good luck though.

If youre alright with dropping some $$$ theres an asset on the store that does this. Works well.

You may try this:

Well, maybe cut it a little :wink: