How to create stairs?


Im trying to create stairs by using a stair object. Unity made the collisions for me.

I can walk up the stairs but Im stucking very often. Is it possible to tell unity that the object contains stairs? Or handle the stairs just as a diagonal?

Thank you very much

If you are using the FPS controller, you could increase the Step Offset. If that doesn't work for you, create a empty game object. Then, add a box collider and scale it to meet the dimensions of your stairs. Then, rotate it correctly. That should do the trick! Good luck - Elliot Bonneville

how do you get your character to walk on a collider? i’m using a 3rd person controller/character and when I try to get him to walk up a collider at an angle, he just hits the collider and stops. Is there a setting on the collider that I need to change? THanks.,How were you able to get your character to walk on a collider? I’m using a 3rd person character/controller and whenever I try to put a collider down at an angle, my character just hits the box and isn’t able to walk up it? Is there a setting I need to change on the collider to allow my character to walk on it? Thanks

I just did the same thing. I created the stairs in Maya, exported them as an FBX file. In Unity (5), I created a plane and buried it just underneath the stair treads so you can’t see it. Player walks up and down with ease.