How to create submeshes in blender to be used in unity

How do you do it without splitting the mesh into multiple objects? When I try adding different materials to different faces of the mesh object in edit mode, most of the time it doesn’t work properly :(. It also causes weird glitches in blender(e.g. materials not updating etc.) So is there any other clean alternative which is quick and effecient and it actually works?

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Oh! I found how to do it! So in blender, select one material, pick all the parts that you want to assign the material, and then assign the material to those parts! What I did(what you guys shouldn’t do) is I assigned the material one by one to parts. For example, lets say I had a grey material that I wanted to put in three parts. What I did was I picked each part and then assigned the material. What I should have done is pick all the parts and assign the material in one go.

This at least worked for me.