How to create the effect of atmospheric reentry turbulence?

Hi there!

I’m currently trying to do a turbulence effect once a ship gets to close to a planet, like in the Space Shuttle reentry. I’ve a sphere trigger, slightly bigger than the planet, setup so that once, the ship enters in it, the turbulence effect should start…

So, any idea on how should I accomplish that? Is there any feature that will let me do this more easily?

Thanks in advance.

Particles. You should probably have a cone emitter just in front of the spaceship’s nose, then a lot of short-lived, fast moving additive particles that appear, animate their size and color, and then disappear. Play around with the settings until you get it the way you want.

Also, you can have several trail renderers on all the protruding edges of the spaceship, with varying opacity, and have a script randomly turn them on and off.