How to Create The Environment "Look and Feel" Like This.

Hello everyone,

I’m not sure if this is the right forum to ask about this, but since most people develops for iOS, I guess I’d just post here.

I am a total noob when it comes to 3D and Unity.

I am wondering how does one achieve the look and “feel” of the environment like the screenshot below.

I know it is just a white colored mesh as the environment, but…

  1. How did they create the color “gradient” like that? (That white to gray gradient on the environment)
  2. Should I just use a white color as a texture of the environment?
  3. What kind of shader should I use to achieve that result?
  4. How many lights should be used to achieve this look?

p.s.: The screenshot is from this Unity Presentation of the Game Rochard here on YouTube

Thank you and sorry for these questions

use simple colours… maybe a tinted blue sky/directional light.
Google some GI and light baking tutorials - you’ll probably end up with something like this within a matter of minutes.
the scene is well thought out in terms of lighting - that’s the hard part. in the specific case above you can see that just the central platforms have been lit, which makes sense as it looks like a platform game and you’d want those parts to be lit.
very simple diffuse and specular.

In your 3d model software render objects with Ambient Occlusion only in white , then you get this result