How to create Timer animations?

Hi folks,

I was wondering how would I make an animation which will last for lets say 30 seconds, and which will consist of a timer. It will start as a whole circle and reduced until 30 seconds have passed.

I am using 2Dtoolkit for animations, would I need to create 30 sprites if I want the timer to be accurate to 1 second? Or is there a better way to avoid having so many sprites (or textures into on whole sprite)?

I am assuming that when you write about Timer you talk about a visual element in your GUI that looks like a physical timer/chronograph/stopwatch type of thing, i.e. Time / temps - Openclipart, and that for animation you generically mean the way it changes over time (as opposed to a more specifically defined Unity Animation object).

The timer accuracy is dependent on the method you use to switch from one frame to the next rather than the method you use to create your asset. I.e. 2Dtoolkit seems to have its own way to set the frame per seconds of a sprite-based animation.

Personally, unless I needed some really fancy graphics that requires individually painted sprites, I’d do it with a 3D asset consisting of a circular frame and a number of wedge-shaped internal slices. I’d then use a simple script to hide each wedge, in order, as the time ticks.