How to create/update a spreadsheet on android?

Hello people.
I want to update/create a spreadsheet (excel) on android.
I achieved this on windows with “SpreadSheetLight”, but it uses “System.drawing” dll, what only works on windows, so when I build for android that dll not works.

create a CSV not is usefull for me, because I need keep the cell formated/color/etc.

anyone can give me a help with this?, im stucked.

I might be totally wrong, and please forgive me if I am, but it seems like you are not using the best solution to work with spreadsheets with Android. I recommend using Xamarin. I have used it numerous times to consume, manipulate and export .xlsx docs. There is a lot more support for that kind of stuff via Nuget packages. Unity is more focused on game creation than data and document management.