How to creating a Gameobject from a prefab via scripted UI BUTTON

Hello Community,

I have a problem to create a Gameobject with an scripted UI Button. My situation:

I created a Button with a script:

void OnGUI() {

		GUI.Button (new Rect (800, 5, 115, 30), "Save Coordinate");


Now I want to created a Gameobject from a prefab (in my case a blue sphere) by clicking on the Button.
The prefab of the Blue sphere is called “CoordPoint”. The position of the Gameobject doesn’t matter for now. I am very new to programming and couldnt handle to put a working script together from all the documentations about Buttons and creating Gameobjects.

I made it work with a UI Button created in Unity, but for me now, it is important to use a scripted button. If more inputs for my problem are needed, please let me now.

Kind regards

try this
If i am not wrong

public GameObject CoordPoint;

	void OnGUI() 

		if (GUI.Button (new Rect (800, 5, 115, 30), "Save Coordinate")) 

			Instantiate (CoordPoint, new Vector3 (0, 0, 0), Quaternion.identity);