How to customize a GUI.TextField act like a Android textfield?

would like to know if the built-in Unity GUI.TextField act like the built-in Textfield.

What I mean “act like android textfield” is that the text will be automatically moved left (or hidden from the left boundary, or push left) when the string gets too long to fit the width of the textfield so that it always display the last character that user entered at the end of the textfield.

I’ve try define a custom GUIStyle and adopt it on the GUI.Textfield but no good. Hope some guys could help me solve this issue. Thanks.

I’m thinking maybe this.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

class MyTextField
	public string[] UserInput = new string[]{ "" };
	public int maxLength = 0; //Set all int variables to proper value
	public int moveLeft = 0; //This should be a negative number.
	public int fontSize = 16;
	public int width = height = 0; 
	public GUISkin mySkin = new GUISkin();
	void Update()
		if(UserInput.Length > maxLength)
			moveLeft = moveLeft - fontSize;
	void OnGUI()
	{ = mySkin;
		string showText = "";
		foreach(string i in UserInput)
			showText = showText + "" + i;
		GUI.TextField(new Rect(0, 0, width, height), showText, "YourCustomStyleName");[0].margin.left = moveLeft;