How to customize Addressables BuildPath or LoadPath through Code?

Hi, I am trying to build different addressable groups and it’s important for me to give each group individually a different build path and load path.

I was wondering if Unity allows or can allow access to modifying each groups’ build or load path through code, it’s critical for my game…

For Example:
I’d like my Terrain Group build path and load path to be Assets/StreamingAssets/Terrain

However, I’d like my Trees Group build path and load path to be


I’d like to be able to edit each groups path through code and not editor.

Do you guys have an idea if it’s possible, and if not can you add this option to next Addressables version?

Thanks in advance for your time.

I have a similar problem in my game, I can change to a custom save/load path at the addressables inspector but I need to change it through code as well.
Is It possible? If not, maybe you could consider adding that option?

Thank you.