How to cut a desired shape out with desired depth of a mesh on VR ?

I want the player to be able to cut a hole through a human body with a desired depth on VR like this video

any help please

This seems like a giant task you want someone else to solve for you, I suggest you start a bit smaller and work on projects that you can code yourself, and when you need help solving a script that you are unsure of, post it and have someone look at it with you.

Yep, mesh slicing with a flat plane is already hard enough. This is a multitude harder. Trying to find an asset which can do this or a freelancer will probably be more cost effective

- if its sphere or simple mesh, you could fake it by pushing vertices inside, moving vertices manually or pushing in shader with painted texture.. (needs to be high resolution or tesselated mesh shader)
- if it just needs to cut visible hole (not actually modify mesh), could paint into texture and set that part transparent or discarded

see also this example,

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