How to deal with an Animator Controller where all states can transition to all states?

I am building an animator that will have a LOT of states, and each state can transition to each of the other states, for example:
These are a few of the states that I will have:

  1. walking
  2. walking backwards
  3. strafing left
  4. strafing right
  5. attacking
  6. defending
  7. Idle

and many more, and from any of the states above, it could transition to any of the other states? There must be something that I’m missing or don’t know about, because all the ways I have tried are ridiculously troublesome, here are some of them:

  • I tried creating a bool state to each of them and create the transitions accordingly
  • I also tried creating only 2 parameters on my states (speed on X and Y axis) and using them to decide the state, but this didn’t solve the problem of the HUGE number of transitions this animator would have. Also using this solution would make adding a new state a living hell
  • I tried transitioning all of them to a “core” one (Idle) and from Idle transitioning to any other of the others, this way all states would have only 2 transitions: One exiting from core state and one going to it. The problem is that to transition states the character stands still for a fraction of second, which makes the transition from strafing right to strafing left kinda weird
  • I tried just adding the states and creating a script to decide which state should play the animation, but the problem with this solution is that the transition between the states were not smooth at all

What else could I try? How would you handle this problem?

I tried searching for an answer and couldn’t find anything, which makes me think that there is some solution which I don’t even know hot to search for…

Thanks for your attention!
ps: Attached a print of the current version of my animator controller (which doesn’t have neither all the transitions it needs nor all the animations I will need)

Simply make a transition from the “AnyState” box to all of your transitions with the correct parameters.