How to deal with antivirus blocking your build for end users?

Have looked around and haven’t found a good answer.
Currently I’m only building for PC, later all bigger platforms. The game is a multiplayer first person shooter and uses Photon for the multiplayer feature.

When end-users tries to run my game some antivirus software blocks it, some even without notifying. What can I do to avoid this or limit it.

  • I’m not sure an installer fixes it for enough users, do you know? (Would use Inno Setup)
  • I could manually write an ask all the antivirus software products to whitelist my game. But this is very time consuming and especially since it’s in beta. Also how could I possibly reach all AVs!?
  • I could pay for a certificate, but I’ve found very diverse oppinions about their effect (c++ - My programs are blocked by Avast Antivirus - Stack Overflow )

How do you guys tackle this issue?

@JedBeryll and others. I have also asked in the Photon forum since it might be related to their feature. See it here: How to deal with antivirus blocking your build for end users? — Photon Engine

I ran into this problem a couple of years ago with a non-unity project I was working on. The process may have changed during that time, but I really found that the AV manufactures (at least the big ones) made it very difficult to get white listed. They just have too many hoops to jump through and unless your company name starts with the words Apple or Microsoft, they’re not going to bother.

The most effective way I found (based on my project) is to simply include instructions on the game’s FAQ page on your website. Cover the 3 or 4 big AV packages (McAfee, Norton, AVG, AVAST) and you’ve probably solved 90% of the problem. If you have a forum for the game, make that topic a sticky.

A good portion of the PC game comunity is pretty computer savy and they’ll figure it out, then let them help out the ones that are having trouble via your forums.

Not a software solution I know, but it’s what I have found works.

I have same issue with Avast blocking my app on Android… wrote to them about it and waiting… sick of this BS.

Using an older/different version of Unity may help, though I realize it’s a pain to update your project to a new version, and you’ll have to rebuild everything from scratch to port it to an older version. Details and partial list of Unity Versions in this forum post.

Hello , friend,
Install, update and use anti-virus software, Keep Windows up to date,Turn on the Windows firewall, If you are facing any issue regarding with virus and malware, you can take help from kaspersky support number, , for more information you can visit this site.
thanks good luck!!

I know it’s a few later to say, but, I’ll for future people.
I was having the same problem and I figure out that this starts to happens after I put an icon in Player Settings… I dont know why, the image are used in game too, but wen I remove this from the icon exe build works