How to decrease batches for Text Mesh Pro(UI) when there are images?

This is regarding UI usage of TMPro.
I stumbled upon a performance issue when using Text Mesh Pro and its functionality to add images inside.
I am using it for floating text for a clicker game where I need to spawn a lot of texts and I want to have an image inside.
I have noticed that for each text you have in the scene with an image inside it creates a submesh with 2 materials that add 2 new batches to the scene, which quickly becomes an issue.

From my understanding this is due to TMPro creating a new material for each text and it doesn’t batch them. Is there way to improve on this?

Note: Dynamic batching is active and I have made the test in editor mode.

I’m interested in this topic as well, but in a different usage.
I have a leaderboard which contains imgs and texts, batches are breaking because of texts.