How to define multiple targets in FocalPointVR_InteractionManager?

Hello @phedhex,

Is it possible to define multiple target objects in FocalPointVR_InteractionManager, to interact with independently?

I tried defining a container Gameobject container as Subject, but then I interacted with the container - and all children - simultaneously. I would like to be able to grab, scale and move each object independently.

Hi @perqa

Focal Point allows you to interact with a single object at a time. You will need write your own script to change the “Subject” by calling the changeSubject() function.

If you’d like to template off of one of the demos, The SteamVRControllerAdapter in Demo2 has some code that binds a the trigger press to changeSubject().

So, to be clear, there’s not a lot of out of the box Subject swapping functionality in here. It’ll require some custom scripting.

Hopefully that helps!