How to delete and redownlaod a creator kit

A few days ago I downloaded the Creator Kit: Beginner Code, the tutorial suggested that you try one of three other Creator Kits first; naturally I download and tried the tutorials for all three of them.

I did not have any problems with the other kits, the example scene ran fine and I was able to get them to work when following the guide. However Between downloading the Creator Kit: Beginner Code and now trying to use the Creator Kit I have run a CC cleaner. I believe this may have deleted some of the component of the Creator Kit. I can not get them demo to run without getting a scripting error and the assets all appear as bright pink.

There does not seem to be a way through the Learn section of the Unity Hub to delete this kit, I believe if I could delete the Creator Kit and redownload it that it would work fine. How do I delete then redownload the creator kit?

Just click the delete button