How to delete new'd arrays?

I have an array I create thusly:

var room:roomInfo[,,];
room=new roomInfo[5,5,5];

What’s the deleting syntax? Simply doing delete room; or delete room[,,]; doesn’t seem to work. After deleting it I need to do this:

room=new roomInfo[10,10,10];

Seems like a ridiculously simple question but I get confused about these things and forget, and I couldn’t find anything on Google (because I couldn’t work out what to search).

My question was answered very well on this Stack Overflow page that I posted when I could see I wasn’t getting anywhere on UA.

The essence of it is that if I do room=new roomInfo[10,10,10];, the old data (the old array) referenced by the room variable will no longer be referenced by any variable and will be deleted from memory at some point by the automatic garbage collector, a feature of JavaScript.

Can use room.RemoveAt(index int).
Or room.Clear ().