how to deploy game on android cpu armeabi-v

I am working on android game in unity 3D. i am targeting android 2.3.3 (gingerbread) device having CPU armeabi-v7. my problem is that, in unity player settings–>device filter, there are two options ARMv6 with VFP and ARMv6. i have checked game build on both but they are not working on Emulator.
please guide me the correct procedure
Thank you


Which Unity version are you using?

I have been using 3.5.x versions and they have ARMv6 VFP and ARMv7 in the device filter drop down. Unity documentation states that it supports ARMv6 VFP devices as well as ARMv7 devices, so it sounds a bit weird for me the ARMv6 only option.

If you hit Build and Run, does your build run correctly on your device?

I am not pretty sure what you mean with the Emulator. What option do you have selected on Edit-> Graphic emulation?