How to destroy an object and make it reappear even between scenes

I am making a landscape game kind of like a pseudo-Stardew valley, more crude humor and what not, but I have run into the problem of cutting the grass. I need the player to cut the grass then deactivate the tall grass sprite and replace it with the cut grass sprite. I’m quite stuck and tried a few solutions but ultimately have not found anything that seems to work. Also, on top of that I need it to also work in between scenes, so if a grass is cut exiting and coming back to the scene the grass is in the same state when the player left the scene. I’m quite new to unity and programming in general but would very much appreciate any and all help.

Don’t destroy it. Use GameObject.SetActive(false). When you want to switch scenes, use Gameobject.DontDestroyOnLoad();


// code above
// turn off
private GameObject grass;

void DeleteGrass(){
    // change scene