How to Destroy an Object while bullet is colliding it

Hello Everyone,

I am a beginner for Unity and I am keeping on learning JavaScript
As a Tutorial Project
I started making a racing game which shoots the bullet from the car
My project is halfway successful
I can move my car
I can Shoot
I can blend Animations

through some command or functions

but still I cant Destroy the enemy with the bullet

I want to destroy the object while colliding it

So Guys Please help me as faster as you can

Thank you

function OnTriggerEnter (hit : Collider){

if(hit.gameObject.tag == "enemy"){

Add this script to your bullet…I’m not sure will it work, but you should try it.

One thing that might also be the problem is the Fixed Timestep.
Make sure its small enough (Edit → Project Setting → Time , change it to 0.01).
Also make sure the bullet speed is not too big.

Hope it helped.