How to detect collisions between particles and a collider?

hi im pretty new to unity well not realy new i no the interface well and how it all works but i am making a zombie game and you need to collect particles for special powers and i've made the particle edmiter and atached the box collider but what i want to do is when you walk into the particle it plays a sound and the particle disapers now if you could please give me some detailed code and instuctions it would be very much appreciated thanks.

You can use the ParticleCollider to create collision between the player and a particle. By implementing the OnParticleCollision() method on a component attached to the player you can detect when you've hit a particle, and then take the appropriate action.

You could place a box collider around the whole emitter, then set it to be a trigger. See this page You can make a collider a trigger by checking the box in the inspector while the box collider is selected. Then in the on OnTriggerEnter function you can destroy the particle emitter, and play the sound.

var sound : AudioClip;
var emitter : ParticleEmitter
Function OnTriggerEnter
    if (emitter)
        emitter.emit = false;

Now in the inspector just drag your audio clip and emitter into the variable spaces.

You should also check out the tutorials page the FPS Tutorial and Lerp tutorial cover alot of topics.