How to detect if player looks at something

For a horror game, I want a gameobject to detect when it is looked at, play an audio clip, wait two or three seconds, then destroy itself. How do I do this? I know it would involve Destroy and Time.deltaTime, but how do I detect the looking?

-EDIT- The PLAYER looks at the GAMEOBJECT, and the GAMEOBJECT plays the sound and disappears after two seconds.

Try using Raycasting for detecting if something is being looked at, then play the audio.
When you detect a collision, use a Coroutine to detect the amount of time that passed.

Try using the following script (written in C#) for your monster:

PS: The beauty about disabling a script is that only it’s self-recurring functions (such as FixedUpdate) are disabled. That means that the 2 seconds countdown will still apply and the GameObject will still be destroyed.

PS 2: After script there are some links that could help you better understanding this code.

public class Monster : MonoBehaviour {

    // Whatever is your max distance (remove if not needed). However, it is nice to have a max distance to which your monster can see the player.
    float maxDistance = 10;

	void FixedUpdate()

        // Will contain the information of which object the raycast hit
        RaycastHit hit;

        // if raycast hits, it checks if it hit an object with the tag Player
        if(Physics.Raycast(transform.position, transform.forward, out hit, maxDistance)     &&


            this.enabled = false;

            // Starts the countdown to destroy the enemy



    IEnumerator Deactivate()

        // Plays your audio

        // Waits for two seconds (you don't need to count it up with Time.deltaTime)
        yield return new WaitForSeconds(2);




Read on: WaitForSeconds, StartCoroutine

If I understand your question correctly:- You probably want to Dot Product between forward axis of nearby “lookable” entities against the vector between your “audio object” and “lookable” entity.

if the angle between the vectors is between a range then that entity is looking at the audio object.

float angle = Vector3.Dot(Object, Lookable);

if ( angle  > -0.1 && angle < 0.1 )
// being looked at

A bad but working way would be to use a stack of cubes and attach it to you camera. The cubes would have “istrigger” on and would be invisable so when said object enters it would detect it. Raycasting im not too sure but i think it pinpoints in a single point and raycasts (like it said in the unity survival shooter tutorial i think) would lag the game extremely if you sent alot out at once. So if you used raycast (again im not 100% sure) would only check the object in the exact center of the screen and if you sent a bunch out (to check objects at the outer edges of the screen) it would lag. But idk i dont use raycasts much. This is just an idea dont rage bcuz it dumb. Thx for reading.

You can do it with Physics.Raycast to make a ray starting from player and put a gameobject with collider in the world with a tag…

   void Update()
   RaycastHit _hit = new RaycastHit();
   if(Physics.Raycast(transform.position, transform.forward, out _hit, distance)
       if(_hit.transform.tag == "Test")
            //Play the audio