How to detect with colliders while drawing line by line renderer?

I am working on a game which is based on drawing so this problem is so deadly to me. I am drawing line by using line renderer. First I store touch positions in an array and then I copy them into line positons and edge collider points. This works good. I can draw line and add colliders simultaneously. But there is a problem. While drawing line it cant interact with other gameobjects colliders or itself. How can I do it?
I want to:
If line interact with a special object it will stop.

Good day. Then the best way i think is, in each mouse click, you need to create a empty object with a collider (prefab is recommenden) to detect if there is anything there, if not, you can continue. Second thing to do, should be create a collider between this new point and the lastone , to detect if there is something in this section of the line, and the same, if dont detect other colliders, ypu can continue.

Good luck!