How to determine bounding box of scene?

My objective is to determine the total dimensions of a scene.

Will I need to write a script to iterate through each object in the scene and continue adding each to an iteratively expanded "box", or is there a more elegant method available?



I don't think there is a more elegant method, but then, that script should be pretty short:

Bounds b = new Bounds(,;
foreach (Renderer r in FindObjectsOfType(typeof(Renderer))
    b = b.Encapsulate(r.bounds);

If you want to do this every frame, you may consider caching the array of renderers, since FindObjectsOfType is slow, though.

var rnds = FindObjectsOfType();
if (rnds.Length == 0)
return; // nothing to see here, go on

var b = rnds[0].bounds;
for (int i = 1; i < rnds.Length; i++)

// now b holds the bounds of the scene