How to develop a 2D game using the 2d ToolKit?

I have got the Unity3D 2d ToolKit 1.51a packet which contains some examples, but I feel it’s not very enough for a beginner like me.
Is there any better demo which may be a whole 2D game or more detailed ?
Hope for help. Thanks!

How much experience do you have with Unity3d altogether? The documentation for add-ons like 2d ToolKit probably seem basic but, they are designed to explain what “problems” they solve within Unity. I don’t know your experience overall with Unity but, I’m almost certain if you build your knowledge with how Unity works as a whole then things like the 2d ToolKit or other similar 2d add-ons will start to make much more sense.

Basically making a 2d game or 3d game in Unity is largely the same idea. Then where Unity’s own tool set falls short for 2d graphics, these add-ons will help out.

Take a look at the 2D Gameplay tutorials on the Unity website,

Once your familiar with it, take a look at it a second time with the 2D ToolKit in mind. I think you will see how things should work.