how to develop and deploy to both android and ios?

I want to develop and deploy to both android and ios. Is it better to develop on a mac and then be able to deploy to both ios and android from there, or develop on a windows pc and deploy to both android and ios from the windows pc?

It’s unclear what the success rate for either is.

As you seem to know, you need a valid MacOS for XCode, which is required to build for iOS. However, developing with Unity is pretty much independent from your OS.

You can develop on Windows, then push your project onto a MacOS to build it for iOS. You can even pre-compile most of your project before moving to MacOS - as far as I know, you don’t even need Unity installed on the Apple system in the end to finish building. Either way, there are usually no changes needed after moving your project or update to MacOS for building.

So solely for developing, choose whatever OS you feel most comfortable working with.